Here is the B4RT 53 REEFER CUSTOM MOD FOR your Game; it comes with many custom touches and exclusive content…

What is included:

  22 Axles/chassis variations (10 different + 10 with under connectors support) ;

  Spread axles, three axles, tandem axles, with different positions, including 53` California allowed;

  40 Own Loads + SCS loads compatible (so that allow to works on world of trucks, external contracts);

  Various skins/paint jobs, including some with changeable colours;

  HQ textures baked AO;

  Optional Sides, options with chromed, painted, basic, smooth, and with right side doors too;

  4 reefer units with custom parts, Carrier x4 7500, TK sentry, TK precedent, and TK SRIII + Whisper edition;

  Aerodynamic accessories, trailer tail, side skirts, side fairing;

  Custom light nodes for trim top, bottom, front, and back of the trailer;

  Various Bumpers with custom light panel additions;

  3 Custom plate slots with nodes for adding any text you want for any state license plate you want, letters, numbers, and some special characters (limited to 8 digits);