In a junction of SWC with B4RT Modding, I`m happy to introduce the Doepker Legacy Super B Grain Trailer, a must-have asset for your game;

The Doepker Legacy aluminum trailer is a meticulously crafted asset for your game. It was developed with dedication and attention to detail to achieve maximum realism. The mod features high-quality textures created entirely from a 3D model.

This comprehensive mod includes 12 different grain loads, numerous customizable accessories, paintable skins, and various other options to tailor your trailer to your preferences.



What is Included:

✔   Ownable;

✔   Custom parts/accessories;

✔   Lights nodes;

✔   Own loads;

✔   Skins;

✔   Axles variations;

✔   Template included;

✔   Double Trailer


Works in-game versions V1.50+


3D Model Creation: SWC MODDING
INGAME conversion, Defs, accessories, and loads: SWC MODDING
Adjustments and fixes: B4RT